High Quality Individualized Mobile Tutoring


The Zone started as a homework club, and has grown into an amazing and unique high-end tutoring program. 

The Zone is now an individualized tutoring program, taking a whole-child approach to support struggling learners.  We provide group and one-on-one remedial instruction.  In addition, we teach mindfulness, emotional regulation, and a restorative justice approach to conflict.  We often incorporate movement as a learning technique and teach in specific ways that we have determined that child needs to be able to learn. We partner with parents to advocate for their children while navigating the education system.

The Zone is a unique program, meeting the children where they are literally.  We are a mobile tutoring program going to the student's home, and removing every barrier we can for the child to stay engaged. 

In addition, we develop relationships with the families and follow students if they move to another part of the city.