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Woven Empowerment
The W.E. Program

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In October 2022, we launched the WE Program along with funding from the Children's Board of Hillsborough County.  This is a case management program that works with a minimum of 40 families a year to provide support, resources and tools for families who are ready to stabilize and move forward.

In the WE Program we collaborate with families that have children up to 8 years old to provide person-centered and strengths-based case management, mentoring, educational workshops, and tangible assistance for basic needs. 

While being engaged in the WE Program, families stabilize, decrease their stress and increasing their support systems. 

Here are some of the primary things we see in the WE Program:


  • families moving into stable housing

  • parents moving forward with their educational goals

  • kids receiving educational support

  • parents moving forward in their career

  • parents and children receiving mental health therapy

Funding for this program partially provided by The Children's Board of Hillsborough County

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