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A place of peace and refuge for a fresh start.

Just Initiative's Petra House provides Emergency Bridge Housing for women and children under 12 who are facing homelessness and was initially opened in October of 2015.


This is a place of peace and refuge, providing moms the space and time to regroup and start a new chapter in their family's life.  Furthering education during your stay at Petra is promoted along with attending Just Initiative's workshops and meetings for personal and career growth.


For many residents of Petra House, homelessness is not a new thing.  Many of the moms experienced homelessness and the foster care system as a child.  Most of the moms do not have a support system; they do not have other options of family or friends where they can turn to support them through a difficult time.


While living at Petra House, a family's basic needs are provided.  Each family is covered in prayer by the Just Team. We have seen time and again life long friendships form and support systems grow.


Families stay at Petra House for various lengths of time.  Each family's specific needs and goals are taken in to consideration and we work together with the mom to determine the best length of time for her goals and her family. 


In our first 7 years, we have served, loved, guided, prayed for, and befriended 108 women and children as they found refuge at Petra House. 

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