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Just Initiative would not be able to do the level of work we do without the generous contributions from our donors. Your support has the power to immediately make a difference in someone’s life. All of your support goes towards making a difference, so every penny counts. We look forward to working together and making a change. 

Just Initiative is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. 


Writing a check?

Make checks payable to JUST INITIATIVE
Mailing address:
PO Box 75291
Tampa, FL 33675

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In addition to funding we need:

  • Mentors and discipleship partners for women, men and children

  • Volunteers for The Zone (teaching experience is NOT required)

  • Skilled assistance with maintenance at Petra House (plumbing, electric)

  • People with a heart for children to minister to the children during our Enrichment classes

  • Business owners and hiring managers that will train and employ those in need of work

  • Prayer for the Kingdom of God to be expanded in our neighborhood

  • Childcare Providers as needed

  • Landlords to partner with us to provide affordable housing

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  • Snacks for the Drop-In center

  • Single Day Bus Passes ($4 each) and Monthly passes ($65 each), need funding to add passes to reloadable cards

  • Gas cards for Mobile Zone

  • Ipad for the Zone (specifically ipad)

  • Underwear and socks for men and women

  • Lawn service for Petra

  • Drill for Petra House

  • Household tool kits to give as gifts as residents get their own place

  • $ for Gift Bibles to give to residents

  • $ for curriculum

  • Pest Control

  • Monthly Internet ($125)

  • Speaker/Radio for Free Boutique

  • Candle warmer for Free Boutique

  • Giftcards for gifts for volunteers

  • Hygiene kits for drop in center

  • Leather/pleather couch for drop in center 

  • Snacks for The Zone

  • Incentives (treasure box supplies) for the Zone

  • $25 gift cards for class incentives

  • Butcher paper for Dream Paths

  • Monthly Electric Bill ($250)

  • Plants/Flowers for Petra House

  • Toilet Paper 

  • Paper Towels

  • Trash Bags

  • Laundry, Dish and Hand Soap

  • Cleaning & Disinfectant Supplies

  • Damp Rid

  • Printer Paper

  • Plastic Wrap and Foil

  • Dinners for Tuesday Gatherings

  • Diapers and Wipes